Festival Checklist & Tips:

Think you have everything ready for your festival trip? Double check by following everything on our checklist to ensure you’ll be fully prepared.

1.Plastic Bag
Why are they so important? Simple. There is no worse feeling then waking up a bit worse for wear on the second day there and realising your socks and undies aren’t dry from the rain. Wrapping up the more important items in plastic bags stops them from getting wet, and stops you from feeling uncomfortable in your own clothes.

Handwipes and facewipes are a godsend at festivals. They work on anything from dirty phone screens to dirtier faces and will be used more than you can ever think.

The most important thing to do during a festival is stay hydrated. It is easier than you think to feel fatigued and tired when you really needn’t be at all. Lugging a few large bottles on the way in will pay off big time, trust u.

4.Extra underwear
The need to have clean clothes is vital at a festival. If you’re going for 4 days, pack enough underwear and socks for 8. Having a mid-day change will make you feel much better than your friends who hasn’t had a shower I days.

5. Two toothbrushes
Why two? Because losing the first one is a high probability. These are just five top tips that Converge can offer, but be aware that you’ll never be as ready for a festival as you think you ever will be.